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  • Access to all course materials for the duration of your membership
  • Fundamental modules including Supplies, Colour Theory and Techniques
  • Topic Library to apply the fundamentals to, including over 20 existing topics (80+ tutorials)
  • A new topic every month that members can suggest and vote on
  • Monthly Masterclasses aimed to up-skill you in other areas with modules such as Digitising, Drawing, Working with masking fluid etc
  • Fortnightly (every two weeks) live video calls with Emma for live paint-alongs, to ask questions and get feedback
  • Private community for sharing your work and requesting feedback
  • 10% discount on The Watercolour Factory orders

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What Paint Pals Are Saying:

“If you think you might want to start watercolor, but you are completely overwhelmed, this is the way to go! Emma breaks everything down to the very basics and has a great sense of humor as she goes. Emma made me feel like I could tackle any watercolor project I might want to do and I totally loved having so much fun while growing through this academy.”

Susan M

“If you want to learn watercolor, I would not hesitate to join the Academy. In just a few months, I can see such an improvement in my skills. Emma explains and demonstrates what we want to see - and also what it looks like when things go sideways and how to recover. Which, as a beginner, is so key!”

Jade K

“I am a beginner to the world of watercolouring but Emma is an amazing teacher who takes you through each topic in great detail and easy to follow steps. There are so many fun classes and I always get excited to see the next topic. I am so glad I found The Watercolour Academy because it is helping me grow more confident in my watercolour skills and I am making fun projects and beautiful works of art that I can now share with my family.”

Sharon A