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Hey, painty pal! Ready to lift your watercolour game but need a helping hand? Or maybe you're just in need of a fun creative outlet, some precious me-time on something just for you, or even a welcome distraction from the craziness of life? I've got you. This is your complete guide to frustration-free, fuss-free, FUN-FULL watercolour.

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  • Went to the art store and wondered which kidney you'd have to sell to get all the supplies you need?
  • Looked for some inspo on Instagram, tried to replicate it, but painted the equivalent of bin sludge?
  • Always have the best intentions of sitting down to practise, but end up spending the whole time wondering why the damn paper is doing that weird thing? And now the phone is ringing?? Sharon AGAIN? There goes your me-time...
  • Finally got Shaz off the phone, binge-watched some more YouTube vids, Googled some stuff, read 8 books but STILL can't get your paintings to look like everyone else's?

You are not alone. I've done all of the above (minus the phone call, Sharon knows I only respond to texts), spent all of my free time and money (and more time) figuring things out the hard way. Collected a bunch of supplies I didn't know what to do with. Felt like I would NEVER 'get' watercolour. Wanted to throw in the towel and just take up baking or something.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Former Executive Assistant turned full-time artist. Know what that means? Before art, I was juggling crazy calendars of CEOs, diffusing office tension, putting out administration fires, and figuring out how to do things better and quicker to get RESULTS. And that was just before morning tea.

These days? I apply those same problem-solving skills to art, so you can get maximum watercolour results from your minimal free time. Why? Cos your me-time should be for doing something enjoyable! Not pulling your hair out.


The Watercolour Academy!

An online watercolour-focused membership designed to build your skills efficiently from the ground up, make you a more confident artist, and allow you to actually ENJOY painting! I'll show you what you need (and surprise, it's not as many supplies as you think) and how to use them effectively. Then you can choose-your-own-adventure and continue upping your game with the ever-growing topic library!

The Watercolour Academy breaks everything down and makes learning watercolour SIMPLE, so you can stop staring at a blank page and get painting. Art should take us to our Happy Place. Not run an express service to Frustration Station...

"If you think you might want to start watercolor, but you are completely overwhelmed, this is the way to go! Emma breaks everything down to the very basics and has a great sense of humor as she goes. The basic way Emma teaches you how to make 144 colors from just three primaries will give you confidence to mix any color you might like. The way the courses continue with only the three primaries makes it very affordable to continue without having to buy new supplies for every new class. Emma made me feel like I could tackle any watercolor project I might want to do and I totally loved having so much fun while growing through this academy."

- Susan M.


$30 AUD


~$19 USD per month

Equivalent to $360 AUD (~$225 USD) for 12 months



$360 $240 AUD


~$150 USD per year

Equivalent to $20 AUD (~$13 USD) per month



  • Access to all course materials for the duration of your membership
  • Fun-damental modules including Supplies 101, Colour Theory 101 and Techniques 101
  • Topics to apply the fundamentals to, including over 16 existing classes 
  • New topics every month with the ability to submit suggestions for future classes
  • Monthly Masterclasses + Mini-Masterclasses (6 of each per year) aimed to up-skill you in other areas with modules such as digitising, drawing, working with masking fluid and more
  • Access to fortnightly (every two weeks) live group video calls with Emma to ask questions and get feedback on your progress
  • 10% discount on The Watercolour Factory orders
  • Access to download the mobile app and watch classes on the go!


Get back to basics! The fun-damentals will teach you everything from the types of supplies out there, how to use them, colour theory, techniques and troubleshooting.


After the fun-damentals, it's time to apply what we know! Use the 10 existing and future monthly topical classes to apply your knowledge to projects and diversify your skill set.


Go beyond painting! The masterclasses will teach you fun extras like digitising your work, how to sketch, how to take photos of your work for websites, social or portfolios.


Don't get stuck again! Jump onto one of the twice monthly calls and get feedback on your work, answers to your burning questions, continued support and encouragement.

"If you want to learn watercolor, I would not hesitate to join the Academy.  In just a few months, I can see such an improvement in my skills. Water control has always been a challenge for me, but after going through the Techniques 101 section, I had a light bulb moment. Emma explains and demonstrates what we want to see - and also what it looks like when things go sideways and how to recover. Which, as a beginner, is so key! 

I was recently commissioned to create some holiday themed stationery, which was a super fun project. The Academy has so many great resources, Emma’s Digitizing Watercolor Masterclass was exactly what I needed to finish this project. 

Techniques 101 and Masterclasses are just two parts of the Academy. Live chats, monthly topics (video lessons full of references and sketches) are super valuable. The Academy covers so many topics, techniques, tools and more, but it’s not overwhelming. Emma makes it fun and is such a great cheerleader."

- Jade K.

Minimal supplies

All classes in The Watercolour Academy are based off 3 to 6 colours and 1 to 3 brushes (with optional extras of course). You'll learn how to do more with less, and this means you can splash out on higher quality supplies, cos you'll need less of 'em! Quality over quantity.


Watercolour is one of the most DIFFICULT mediums out there - struggle alone no more! The short but sweet tutorials, masterclasses and mini-masterclasses will break down all the complex parts of watercolour so you can get painting sooner, and enjoy it.


We learn better together - and when we are able to get feedback on our work to know how we're tracking. Get both with The Watercolour Academy! Connect with other students, submit work for feedback, and join the fortnightly live group chats.

Always growing

You AND the topic library. This isn't an online course where you just get a bunch of material and that's it. There are new tutorials and masterclasses EVERY month, meaning you'll never suffer from blank page fever again! You'll always be learning and growing.

What supplies will I need?

I don't like too many rules around here, so I like to give my recommendations, but also the freedom to use the brands you already have or prefer.

As a bare minimum:

  • Watercolour paint in the three primary colours. Recommended brands are The Watercolour Factory in Primary Yellow, Red and Blue, or Winsor & Newton Professional series in Winsor Lemon, Permanent Rose and Winsor Blue (red shade). I use both pans and tubes in my tutorials
  • Round watercolour brushes in 3 sizes. A detail brush, and two mediums. Recommended brand is Princeton in either the Snap, Select or Heritage - sizes 3/0, 6 and 8
  • Coldpress watercolour paper. Recommended brand and weight is Arches coldpress 185gsm (90lb). Higher gsm is fine, lower will likely warp
  • Palette and mixing space. Doesn't matter if it is plastic or porcelain - Kmart dinner plates are perfect
  • 2 water jars
  • Paper towel


Recommended extras:

  • Watercolour paint in 3 additional colours. Black, white and a metallic. Even better, use a white gouache or Dr Ph Martin's bleedproof white as it's more opaque. You could also use a white gel pen for fine lines
  • Pencil, eraser and ruler
  • Painter's tape for taping your work down to prevent warping, but also to get clean edges

Optional extras:

  • A heat gun for drying your work faster
  • A light box / pad for tracing outlines
  • A small movable board to tape your work to so that you can rotate it while you paint


Aica A. says:

"Investing in The Watercolour Academy was an easy choice to make. I love that I have access to so much amazing content and Emma breaks everything down so clearly in the classes in such a way that I was able to paint things I never imagined I could. Plus, she is super dependable and supportive. Everything you need to know about watercolour is right here."

Sharon A. thinks:

"I am a beginner to the world of watercolouring but Emma is an amazing teacher who takes you through each topic in great detail and easy to follow steps.  There are so many fun classes and I always get excited to see the next topic.  I am so glad I found The Watercolour Academy because it is helping me grow more confident in my watercolour skills and I am making fun projects and beautiful works of art that I can now share with my family."

Karen L. reckons:

"Emma’s Watercolor Academy will be the best thing you’ve ever done to learn about watercolors! Not only will you learn the very, very basics if you are just beginning, you’ll progress step by step and learn things you didn’t know you missed if you are a bit more experienced. Things you wondered about and things you never even imagined!  It’s all there. It’s all carefully explained. This is as complete as it gets AND it’s not tedious. It’s FUN!"

Victoria W. mentioned:

"I can't recommend Emma enough as a teacher.  She is so good at breaking down the steps of each project so that what seemed impossible actually turns out to be possible. And Color Theory 101 is a fantastic beginner class to learn about mixing many colors from the three primaries."

Julia S. believes:

"Emma's painting & teaching style is simple and easy to follow along. It's also great that we have access to all of the past classes and there's new one every month. I definitely recommend The Watercolour Academy!"

There are 2 ways you can join The Watercolour Academy: on a month-to-month basis, or an annual basis:


$30 AUD


~$19 USD per month

Equivalent to $360 AUD (~$225 USD) for 12 months



$360 $240 AUD


~$150 USD per year

Equivalent to $20 AUD (~$13 USD) per month



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Me, Emma! Just email [email protected] with your question and I will gladly get back to you :)

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